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Pre-Construction • Construction Management • Design Build


You Want The Best, You Want Curran Young

Construction Is Our Passion

Curran Young Construction is designed, built, and led by Chris Curran and Bruce Young. They admit that they work, live, play, watch, read, and talk construction. You can call it a passion, and you'd be right. That's what they call it.

We Are Guided By Our Core Beliefs


With everything we do, we strive for excellence in our execution. That means going the extra mile, delivering 110%. Our goal is to deliver the best results for our clients in every way possible.


You can't cross the finish line without putting in the work to get you to the race. Delivering the best results for our clients means putting in the time and effort to prepare for success.


Innovation in construction is not an oxymoron. Technology is changing the way the world gets built, and we are working hard to be at the forefront of those changes.


You can make progress or you can make excuses. We relish a good challenge and we work harder and smarter to find ideas and solutions that make sense for our clients.


You need to know the craft. Expertise and experience can make all the difference. They can be the difference between doing the right thing or taking the easy way out. 


Winning isn't always about having the most, being the biggest, or most popular, it's about setting the best example and lighting the path for the rest of the pack to follow.

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